Menehune Chef Teaching kids and families how to cook with sustainable foods grown in the Hawaiian Islands.

Menehune Chef
Grow, Cook, eat, enjoy!
At Menehune Chef, we aim to enter schools in Hawai‘i and around the world to educate Keiki on how to cook with sustainable foods grown on the Hawaiian islands . We collaborate with local Chefs in each community to teach basics and educate youth on each farmers market find of the week . Menehune Chef is a six lesson curriculum created for Elementary to High School levels. We know that healthy eating habits are established at an early age, and have seen childhood obesity rates skyrocket over the past two decades. Children today learn by , taste, sight, feel, and smell. Sustainable cooking brings developmental learning opportunities that can connect the natural world into a healthy habitual cooking practice. Each recipe executed by our keiki gives them necessary knowledge and tools needed for lifetime.