I Lālā Mau Nā Hula Ilalaole, He Kālailaina I Nā Kuhi Lima O Nā Hula A Joseph Kealiikuikamoku Ilalaole-O-Kamehameha

This dissertation analyzes the kuhi lima, hand motions that accompany hula chants, within the 18 hula developed by Joseph Kealiikuikamoku Ilalaole-o-Kamehameha. Ilalaole, a native Hawaiian speaker and a descendant of Kamehameha I, was born in 1873 in Kaueleau, Puna, Hawaiʻi. Ilalaole’s hula are significant in that they both honor his royal lineage and, given their continued relevance, serve as a bridge between 19th century and contemporary culture. His hula constitute an influential canon within traditional Hawaiian dance and, while this dissertation focuses on these 18 hula specifically, it aims more broadly to provide a template for scholars of indigenous languages to better understand the relationship between language, culture, and dance.